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scoliosis xray

Can you see how this causes compression of the organs?

It's well known that severe Scoliosis shortens life span but also compresses the organs, especially the heart and lungs not to mention all sorts of pain in the neck and back. Suffering is the main problem. Sometimes it doesn't get bad until many years later, but it always gets worse, unless the right care is given.

Scoliosis affects bony spinal vertebrae, causing vertebrae to curve into an "S" shape. Severity of scoliosis ranges from mild (no treatment necessary) to severe deformity of the spine requiring ongoing treatment and sometimes surgery. Children between nine and 12 are most impacted by scoliosis, with girls more at risk for scoliosis than boys. Although scoliosis may be genetic, conventional doctors have yet to find an exact cause of this bone disorder. There is now evidence that scoliosis may be caused by certain vertebrae being out of position in a way that the body cannot self correct. When this happens, the spine goes thru all types of compensation patterns. When this happens at a young age, these twists and turns can get pretty severe. This we call "Scoliosis."

In addition to diagnosing scoliosis, your Belmont CA chiropractor, that's me ;-) provides breakthrough scoliosis treatment that can help straighten crooked spines.

Signs and Symptoms of Scoliosis

Your chiropractor diagnoses childhood or adult idiopathic (no known cause) scoliosis by evaluating the following:
  • If the head is off center and doesn't align with the pelvis
  • If one shoulder or hip is higher than the other
  • woman with disalligned spine
  • If the adult or child walks with a "rolling" or uncoordinated gait
  • If the body's sides do not appear level with each other
  • If the patient tires easily or suffers back pain

Girls with scoliosis often have chests that are sunken on one side or one breast smaller than the other. Scoliosis remaining untreated for years can cause a humpback to emerge due to the spine curving so severely. Scoliosis deformities may also compress nerves and spinal cord, causing pain, weakness and numbness in the legs. The heart and lungs could be affected as well, leading to chronic fatigue and breathing difficulties.

Dr. Wong's Revolutionary Scoliosis Treatment

Receiving scoliosis treatment from Dr. Wong in Belmont CA has helped many patients regain their quality of life, including one patient who flew nearly 7000 miles to see Dr. Wong. With a back angling 60 degrees and a deteriorating spine that left her in extreme pain, she was almost completely disabled and had to take numerous pain medications to endure back and leg pain. Within 30 visits, her 60 degree scoliosis was reduced to 50 degrees. This is typically unheard of in physical medicine.


Besides Scoliosis, this patients forward bent "hunch" is putting tremendous pressure on her internal organs such as her heart and lungs. This is now much better. That's why this patient has been able to get off her cocktail of opiate pain killers.

side view scoliosis

When the patient arrived, Dr. Wong performed an examination and ordered x-rays. While other doctors had deemed her case untreatable, Dr. Wong insisted on treating her with his "Next Generation Chiropractic Care" system involving two major breakthroughs: Tethered Cord Syndrome as the cause of scoliosis and spinal degeneration and only gently adjusting specific vetebrea that the body could not self correct, allowing the spine to self correct.

No outmoded extreme force, traction or exercises were needed to make these corrections.

Tethered Cord Syndrome is a functional disorder involving the tethering (fixation) effect of inflexible tissues surrounding the spinal cord. Tethered Cord Syndrome occurs with not only physical injury, but also with repetitive stress injuries. Then as we get older from childhood to adulthood, increased tension and progressive stretching of the spinal cord occurs. Tethered Cord syndrome can cause multiple neurological symptoms and spinal deformations such as scoliosis. By treating this patient's scoliosis as a byproduct of Tethered Cord Syndrome and applying his own evidence-based techniques to restore spine health, Dr. Wong restored this woman's significantly reduced her disability and restored her quality of life.

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