Why Did This Patient Fly Over 6,900 Miles To Come See Us?

She had severe scoliosis. Her back angled over 60 degrees. Her spine has been slowly decaying for decades, she was in such pain that she could hardly walk. Being in constant pain she was all but totally disabled. She could only partially function with a cocktail of pain medications.

Hearing of the break-through treatments at our chiropractic center, she decided to fly 6,963 miles to my office to seek help, help that she all but gave up on.

When she arrived, we did a full consultation, a thorough and unique examination and x-rays to determine what could be done. Here are her x-rays, it's enough to make anyone give a second look. Most doctors would say that structural correction would be impossible.

Her X-rays:

We determined that we could help her with our "Next Generation Chiropractic Care" There have been 2 breakthroughs in the field of spinal correction.

• The cause of uncorrecting scoliosis, misalignments, postural breakdowns and slow spinal collapse is the presence of "Tethered Cord Syndrome." This is often known only in childhood deformities, however new research has shown adults commonly suffer from this condition that is now treatable without surgery.
• The out-moded idea of trying to straighten out a spine by "pushing, shoving, tractioning, cracking or adjusting it straight has proven itself to not work. It has been discovered that only certain vetebrea, that the body could not self-correct, would remain unstable causing the body to over compensate. These over-compensations were then the cause of pain and disability.

Theory sounds good, but must be absolutely proven in real life. Here's what happened to this patient in just 2 weeks of care:

Can this be true? It's happening here at Full Motion Chiropractic every day.

What about you, are you suffering from slow Postural Decay and Collapse? Most of us are. This is the cause of untold pain and suffering leading to a quality of life not very acceptable to any of us.

Call now and schedule a free consultation to see if you're a possible candidate to reverse Postural decay in your back. Stop suffering and start living better.

Yours in life and health,

Dr. Harry Wong
Full Motion Chiropractic

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