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Hi thanks for coming here to see what I do. There is so much, but I've tried to make it as simple as I can, so bare with me. After being in practice for over 32 years:

Here's the bottom line for those of you who don't want to read so much:

If you come in to see me and I find out your needs and I do my examination and after that if I say I can help you, you'll feel a result on the very FIRST ADJUSTMENT! You will know that you're well cared for and you will see and feel the difference.

Even if you've been to SO many others physicians or chiropractors, etc, you will know you're on the right path.

How much better? At least 50% TO 100% BETTER!! How can I dare say this???? On the very first adjustment??? Yes, I'm THAT GOOD. I know this sounds crazy…it does to me too to be honest with you, that's what has been consistently happening at my office. You will be able to verify the results yourself.

New AMAZING results. You will see results the FIRST treatment.  You will stand taller, breathe easier, move better and your skin color will improve. You'll even be able to stand taller without any effort and have better posture in addition to having less pain and discomfort!

Bottom Line Results of my program of care:
   • Out of Pain
   • Feeling and Functioning 20 Years Younger

This new ground breaking technique, based on vital research, has caused me to change everything I do in my practice. I had to throw away just about everything I knew about how to fix a body.

   • No Pills or Supplements or Drugs to take
   • No electrical pain hiding treatments
   • No Exercises, Stretching, etc to do
   • No crazy other off-beat solutions
   • Nothing else to buy…
   • No hard "neck or back cracking" adjustments
   • No Twisting of your neck

This very special method is called: Advanced BioStructural Correction and applied expertly and correctly gets RESULTS EVERY TIME!!! But this has to be done correctly or the results won't happen. That's why I've invested hundreds of hours studying, researching, practicing and working on this method, not to mention the money invested.  But it has been SO worth it.  You see I practice what I preach.  I, myself at the age of 65 now feel like I've been re-born….structurally and I attest to you that I feel like I'm a good strong 30 year old!!

I've been on a 32 year search in to get better results for my patients: So, for 32 years, having seen tens of thousands of patients over the years, I've been on a constant search for better and more effective ways to see patients get better and faster.  Not only did I want to stop all the unnecessary suffering patients went thru but to I also felt for their loved ones that have had to endure their pain and suffering.

You see, pain, misery, disability, loss of function and quality of life not only affects you, but your friends and family.

Well, I have a confession to make.  I've been unsatisfied with chiropractic.  Yes….unsatisfied with the results I've gotten with chiropractic care on my patients.  Though I have SO many patients that have come to swear by me, love me and refer their friends, families and co-workers to me.  And it's true, I've helped the majority of my patients but two things kept nagging on me:

   A percentage of my patients would not respond to my care. Even though , it was the most advanced, state-of-the-art at the time.
   I could not predict if you came in to see me if you'd really get well under my care, though many of my patients would get better!

I'm talking about patients with:

   • Herniated Discs
   • Other disc problems like degeneration of the spine and discs
   • Bone on bone collapse of a disc
   • Pinched Nerves
   • Headaches
   • Migraines
   • Numbness down the arms or legs
   • The list goes on and on

Not until I made 2 new discoveries which changed my life and the life of my patients:

This technique is called Advanced BioStructural Correction:

Discovery 1:

Unknown to almost all chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physical therapists is a problem known as Adult Tethered Cord Syndrome. It turns out that due to structural misalignments, adhesions (stuck areas) form between the spinal cord and the bony spinal canal of the spine. These adhesions get stuck in our spine and can then pull on the nerves of the spinal cord. The result of this problem is pain, suffering and disability and a slow degeneration of posture and overall body function!

This was not a chiropractic discovery. Two neurosurgical groups discovered this. Dr. Brieg in Sweden and Dr. Yamada in Irvine California. Upon discovering this they used surgical procedures to surgically sever those adhesions between the spinal cord and the bony spinal canal. They were amazingly successful, but it required major surgery. If you're more research oriented, then click this for an abstract of that research:


The good news is that we've figured out how to release those adhesions without surgery. Painlessly in my office!!! The results are mind-blowing!

Discovery 2:

Where you're feeling pain is not the cause of your pains. What has happened is that a bone has gone out of place that your body could not fix or reposition. Your body then attempts to remove the pressure from that mis-alignment by twisting to compensate for the imbalance that was caused.

Where your body compensates to is where you hurt, but not where the actual mis-alignment is. It can be anything from a dull ache to severe sharp shooting pains.

This is what happens: when I start treating you, I'll ask you what your pain level is. For example you have sharp shooting pains from your back down your legs. As I treat you, we'll monitor what's happening with the pains. What will happen is that as I start working on your neck and mid back, you'll suddenly notice your low back pains lessen or disappear. You'll wiggle around to verify this to see if you can reproduce the pain and you'll at first not believe it. That's how you know that this is finally a true way to really fix your spine.

Bottom Line Results:
   • Out of Pain
   • Feeling and Functioning 20 Years Younger

Thank you for reading this far. Take your next step that will change your life for the better.

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Yours in A Life Free of Pain and Feeling Amazing,

           Dr. Harry Wong

PS: OK, if the above sounds a bit too incredible, I wouldn't blame you. So here the flip side of the coin:

If I've given you the idea that all you need is one adjustment, then I apologize. To really fix your problems will depend on how messed up your spine is. The more messed up, the longer it will take. That will depend on what I find, your history, your current state of health, etc.

But you will feel results that perhaps you've never gotten before.

Will your pains come back? Yes and No. You see what we are doing is correcting only the vertebrae that have misaligned in a way that your body that could not fix by itself. When we do that, your body will "unwind" back to a much better position. You'll sometimes feel those same pains again but just not as bad. This will continue until your body completely unwinds.

What does it mean to "unwind" your body? This is what happens:

   At some time in your life, you twisted, bent wrong, had an injury, sat, stood or slept wrong enough to mis-align a vertebrae that your body could not self-fix. Most of the time your body does fix itself though.
   Then your body had to twist or compensate for that problem.
   Life goes on until you get something else out of alignment and the same thing happens.
   Your body will again "twist" to compensate for that second bone out of place.
   Your life then goes on and what you have today is the accumulation of all these "twists," meaning your body is all twisted or wound up.

This new care actually "untwists" or "Un-Winds" these problems. This is truly fixing your body structurally for the first time!

So will your pains be permanently gone after the first visit? The answer is NO. You see your symptoms and pains are just indicators that the structure of your back is messed up. What will it take to really fix your body? After your initial consultation, examination and most likely x-rays and I determine that I can help you, and you feel better after your very first adjustment, I'll let you know my professional estimate on what it will take to really fix your body

It will take a program of care to truly correct your problem and issues. My care recommendations go from 4 visits in 2 weeks of care to 6 - 12 months of care at 3 visits each week. 


Here's how we know your body is corrected:

   Your pains remain gone.
   Your body is in a new state of health
   You will feel 20 years younger. Based on your opinion

What about you, what do you need to do?

Show up. You and I can't do this without each other working together.
Experience and be willing to change your life
Come with an open-minded skepticism is welcome. You'll see for yourself!
Come to my Sit-Stand-Sleep Seminar to learn how your daily routines and habits as what you do is just as important.

Also, there are EVEN MORE BENEFITS:

Your Posture WILL IMPROVE naturally.
Your CIRCULATION will improve
Your ENERGY will improve

My goal is to give you’re a NEW LIFE….physically and structurally.

If you’ve read up to here so far….very well done, thanks for staying with me in your journey to a new you.

Yours in Health like never before, 

           Dr. Harry Wong

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