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Carpal Tunnel Treatment at Full Motion Chiropractic

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain and other symptoms in the wrist, palm, and fingers,and in the U.S., millions suffer from the condition. Fortunately, most people can find relief with carpal tunnel treatment offered by a skilled and experienced chiropractor.

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What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your wrist joint is composed of several bones, ligaments, and tendons that support a normal range of motion and flexibility. Near the center of the wrist is a narrow tunnel made up of bones and connective tissues. This tunnel serves as a passageway for the median nerve, a major nerve that provides the palm, thumb, and several fingers with sensation, as well as helping your hand move and grip. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the connective tissues or muscles that comprise or surround this tunnel become irritated and inflamed, causing swelling which in turn compresses the median nerve. Irritation and inflammation can be caused by a traumatic injury like a fall or, more commonly, by repetitive motions or overuse of the wrist and hand.

What symptoms does carpal tunnel syndrome cause?

People who have carpal tunnel syndrome typically have significant pain and cramping in the wrist, palm, and fingers, as well as numbness, tingling, and “pins-and-needles” sensations. Although symptoms usually are confined to the wrist and hand, they can sometimes extend into the forearm. Without treatment, the muscles of your hand and fingers can become weak, atrophying over time so grip strength and hand function are permanently diminished.

How does a carpal tunnel doctor diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome?

Diagnosis begins with a careful evaluation of your symptoms and your lifestyle habits, as well as a physical exam of your wrist and hand. Diagnostic imaging like X-rays can help rule out or identify other issues like fractures and arthritis, and in some cases, nerve conduction studies may be performed to isolate the specific area that’s being compressed. As a top-ranked carpal tunnel doctor, Dr. Wong has extensive experience diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome so you can feel confident your treatment will be optimized for your needs.

How does Dr. Wong treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Dr. Wong begins treatment by relieving nerve irritation and compression so the nerve pathway is optimized. Spinal adjustments and adjustments of the wrist and elbow can be very helpful in ensuring all the joint components are properly aligned so nerve impingements are relieved. It is not uncommon to have a pinched nerve in the neck causing the pain down the arms or wrists. Also it is not uncommon to have spinal cord tension that is pulling on those nerves. This can now be addressed effectively with our new version of treatments!

Massage therapy can also help by promoting circulation, essential for natural healing. Therapeutic stretching exercises can improve range of motion and flexibility in the wrist and hand, helping to prevent symptoms from recurring. And finally, Dr. Wong offers lifestyle guidance to help you learn better habits when using your wrists and fingers. Your treatment will be customized specifically for your needs so you can enjoy quick relief for your symptoms and better overall joint and hand function.

Wrist pain? See a carpal tunnel specialist.

Although carpal tunnel syndrome is relatively common, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious condition that requires prompt, professional medical attention. Without treatment by an experienced carpal tunnel doctor, nerve compression can result in permanent muscle atrophy and loss of function in the hand and fingers. As a carpal tunnel specialist, Dr. Wong is skilled in helping patients relieve their painful symptoms while restoring normal range of motion and preventing the condition from recurring.

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