Last year, over 350,000 people died from the same cause. Yet nobody built them a monument

Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. Last year more Americans were killed by prescription drugs than by guns, AIDS, suicides and terrorists combined…But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Let me start by explaining the photo in this letter. You know, when I meet people in town they usually say, “Oh yeah I know you, you’re Dr. Wong. You’ve been on the corner of Woodside Road across from Woodside Plaza Shopping Center for years, and now you’re in the Carlmont Village Shopping Center in Belmont.” Well that’s me. I’m also the guy in the center of this picture.

Thirty-six years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever. My wife, woke up complaining of pain in her fingers. At first we hoped the pain would just go away, then we started seeing doctors but her fingers and hands got worse and worse. It was like having a very bad headache or toothache, only on all ten fingers, which were looking horrible. They hurt so much she could not sleep, work or even eat. As a husband, I felt helpless. I would have done ANYTHING to relieve her suffering.

Over the next two years we went to eight of the best medical specialists that money could buy. Each specialist gave us a different diagnosis and a different drug. The medical bills were piling up. Nothing was working--and she was getting worse. Her fingers had turned grey and purple. The blood flow to her fingers had stopped. Her fingers were dying: gangrene had finally set in.

The last medical doctor decided he would have to cut off all ten of my wife’s fingers. He said there were no other choices. Not only would they have to amputate all ten fingers, they would have to cut a nerve in her neck! He said a nerve problem in her neck was causing the blood vessels to spasm closed, cutting off the blood flow to her fingers.

He told us that if he did not operate, the gangrene would spread to her hands and arms. Needless to say, we were devastated. My wife and I were sitting a restaurant trying to discuss a life without fingers or hands? How would she eat? Could she handle children? How would it affect our lives?

We were devastated. Unknown to us, another restaurant patron sitting next to us overheard our conversation. Out of the blue, he suggested that we try a chiropractor. We had nothing to lose...we decided to try it.

We had never heard about chiropractic care.

I had a great job in electronics, owned a nice home and had been happily married for three years. Going to a chiropractor was the last thing we considered. Safari's first few visits seemed to make the pain worse. But after two weeks of chiropractic care, the purple/grey color in her fingers turned beet red!

After two months of chiropractic care, her hands completely healed--after 2 years of hell from unnecessary drugs and a threatened ten-finger amputation! MY WIFE HAS ALL TEN FINGERS. NO DRUGS, NO TEN-FINGER AMPUTATION! I quit my job and went straight to chiropractic college, got my degree and my received my license as a Doctor of Chiropractic to practice.

I've been in private practice ever since. One of the biggest thrills of my life is giving people relief from their pain and suffering. What could be better? I am fortunate to be in a profession that can create miracles on a daily basis. It is my dream that one day, the health care system in America will emphasize natural health care without unnecessary drugs and surgery. We will all live longer and healthier lives. I am always available to you. I wish you, and your family, a long and healthy life.

My kids, Joshua and Astara, were adjusted within the first 15 minutes after birth. They obviously didn’t complain of neck pain or back pain; I adjust them to keep them healthy … as with all the hundreds of children I care for in my office. You see, it’s not normal for kids to get ear infections, asthma, allergies or a number of other illnesses we see clear up in our office everyday. When the nervous system is working correctly your internal resistance and healing powers are enhanced.

A healthy family does NOT rely on medication to make them well. My family does not turn to medication to seek health and we don’t have a “medicine chest” in our home. Due to years of advertising saturation from the pharmaceutical companies most Americans do seek health from outside-in and most families have a “medicine chest” filled with an average of 16 different medications.

In an average Last year the WHO reported 350,000 deaths due to medication people took… and 160,000 were when the drugs were prescribed correctly. More people died last year from medication than at Pearl Harbor and Vietnam. Amazing huh?

If drugs make people well, then those who take the most should be the healthiest, but this simply isn’t the case.

Many people are beginning to understand that health comes from within. This is why chiropractic helps so many people. You see, God created a body that can heal itself. Your body doesn’t need any help; it just can’t have any interference.

With chiropractic, we don’t add anything to the body or take anything from it. We find interference in the nervous system and remove it thus enhancing the healing capacities of the body. We get tremendous results… it really is as simple as that.

Here’s what some of my patients have to say:

I quit taking pain medication two weeks prior to starting care with Dr. Wong so that I would know if his care was helping. I am now drug free, and the terrible pain I lived with for years is now gone. Chiropractic is a way of life for me and I love it. (Carol C.)

“I had been told that the only way to relieve my back and neck pain was to live on pain medication because surgery was not an option. I had scoliosis as a child and back surgery at 15. Since Dr. Wong’s care I have virtually eliminated all the medications including aspirin that I used to take to get through the day. Myself, my husband & both my children have benefited greatly from Dr. Wong’s care” (Shelly H.)

Being a chiropractor can be tough because there’s a host of so-called experts out there. They tell people a lot of things that are just plain ridiculous about my profession … usually it’s “My neighbors sisters friend said…” Let me ask you, do you make your healthcare decisions based on honest facts or biased opinions? Interesting question, isn’t it?

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