How Does Chiropractic Help Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Your Belmont Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

At Full Motion Chiropractic, our team is here to help you overcome your pain. If you are struggling with lower back pain, you're not alone. This is one of the more common types of pain, and it can be one of the most difficult for your medical doctor to fix. We can help you. Come in to see your Belmont chiropractor today to discuss the options available to you. With 25 years of experience, we're confident we can help you overcome your pain.

Common Symptoms of Low Back Pain

The most obvious symptom of low back pain is in fact pain. Depending on the underlying cause of your pain, you may feel a chronic ache or a sharp pain. Nerve-related pain tends to be a shooting pain that radiates from the lower back outward into the legs or even down the arms. Chronic and acute pain can limit your range of motion and cause a dull ache to occur on a near constant basis. You may have:

    • Shooting pain
    • Dull aching pain
    • Tingling in your legs or arms
    • Pain that gets worse when you begin to move, such as first thing in the morning
    • Pain that worsens over the course of the day

If you are experiencing back pain of any type, don't ignore it. Our team can help you find the pain relief you need.

Common Causes of Low Back Pain

The most common causes of low back pain are either mechanic issues, which is the way the spinal column works, or soft-tissue injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and other tissues here. Most commonly, the following conditions are the underlying cause of your pain.

Herniated Discs

A herniated disc occurs when the fluid-filled sac that sits between the vertebrae of the spinal column becomes damaged. The disc's inner jelly-like center breaks through the outer layer, disturbing the nearby nerve root, sending significant pain into your lower back.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is the most common cause of low back pain. Perhaps you lifted an object that was too heavy, suffered a sports injury, or you've had poor posture for some time. Even sudden movements can cause this type of pain. Generally, this type of pain is aching and may hurt more so when moving the injured area.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is very common and more common as you age. The discs in between the vertebrae will, over time, break down. When this happens, generally by losing fluid from them, there's less resistance between the bones. Over time, the discs can fail causing even more pain, and limited movement.


In this condition, the vertebra slip over one next to it. Depending on the type that occurs, this type of pain is generally caused by compression of the nerves in the spinal column or instability.

Back Pain Treatment Options Available to You

When you come in for back pain treatment, we'll assess your situation and conduct diagnostic testing to determine the underlying cause. We can then offer treatment options to treat the condition. This may include:

    • Chiropractic adjustments to properly align the spinal column
    • Spinal decompression to reduce the compression of the discs
    • Massage therapy to speed healing of inflammation in the tissues and much more

We'll create a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs. Let our team provide you with guidance.

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